Unlocking Performance.



To identify and grow SA cycling talent to compete successfully, at national and international levels.

We created ProTouch Sports out of a need to assist talented athletes, to compete successfully at national and international levels. “There is simply not enough local funding available to assist these young riders achieving their dreams, hopes and aspirations and making a living as professional cyclists”. Tony Harding.

We understand that brands can no longer use sponsorship and marketing funds, simply for brand awareness. To be sustainable, sponsorships must provide a platform for further business development – UNLOCKING VALUE building brand engagement, assisting with acquisition of new customers, increasing sales and profits and, driving competitive advantage.

We achieve this by developing ecosystems and assembling key players in the industry, creating and leveraging connections with individuals and businesses (and their customers) with an affinity to cycling and, develop value-sharing networks that benefit the athlete, the team, the business and their customers.

If you would like to find out how we can help you accelerate growth in your business, through associating your brand and supporting SA cycling talent, then please get in touch – we would love to partner with you.