Auditor General Finds Major Issues in Hustler Fund Management

Auditor General Finds Major Issues in Hustler Fund Management


Auditor General Dr. Gathungu has cast a spotlight on the management of President William Ruto's Hustler Fund. The Hustler Fund, a high-profile initiative aimed at supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, is now under scrutiny as the Auditor General's report reveals numerous financial and operational inconsistencies. These findings have raised questions about the integrity of the fund's management and the effectiveness of its administration.

Unveiling the Report

Unveiling the Report

The detailed report by Dr. Gathungu has stirred considerable concern. It highlights the fund's failure to provide essential financial statements necessary for a comprehensive audit review. This omission has made it difficult to verify the sources and authenticity of the balances reported by the fund. As of June 2023, the fund has an unpaid balance amounting to Ksh 10,950,075,614, inclusive of interest receivable and outstanding loans. These figures alone suggest a significant gap in financial oversight and accountability.

Ineligible Loan Issuances

One of the more alarming findings in the report pertains to the issuance of loans. The Auditor General's investigation unveiled 238,707 cases where loans totaling Ksh 420,312,323 were provided, surpassing the fund's initial limit by a staggering Ksh 219,615,242. Disturbingly, 5,070 individuals received loans despite being deemed ineligible. This breach of protocol raises serious questions about the vetting process and the safeguards in place to prevent misuse.

Multiple Previous Loan Cases

Furthermore, the report identifies 11,213 borrowers who received additional loans before they had fully repaid their previous obligations. This pattern of lending reflects poorly on the management's ability to control loan disbursements and ensure that borrowing criteria are strictly adhered to. Such practices can lead to ballooning debt and increased financial risk for the fund.

Closed Accounts and Untraceable Repayments

Another critical issue identified was the existence of 129,315 closed accounts containing Ksh 81,622,289, with untraceable loan repayments. These untraced accounts suggest severe gaps in the financial tracking and accountability systems of the Hustler Fund. Effective financial management mandates the ability to track all transactions accurately, and these untraced funds point to systemic flaws in the fund's record-keeping and auditing processes.

Duplicate Loan Identity Numbers

The report also discovered 867 instances of duplicate loan identity numbers, resulting in the processing of 1,978 loans valued at Ksh 477,928. Duplicate identity numbers are a red flag that suggest potential fraud or administrative lapses. The presence of such issues damages the credibility of the fund and undermines public trust in its operations.

Response from the Ministry

Response from the Ministry

In response to the Auditor General's report, the Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs has acknowledged the challenges faced during the fund's inception. They cited issues such as understaffing, errors in note numbering, data extraction challenges, and overall difficulties in financial extraction as contributing factors. While these explanations offer some context, they do not fully alleviate the concerns posed by the Auditor General's findings or address the significant financial discrepancies uncovered.

Implications and Future Directions

Implications and Future Directions

The Auditor General's findings have far-reaching implications for the management of the Hustler Fund. This flagship project, intended to uplift small businesses and entrepreneurs, now finds itself mired in allegations of financial mismanagement. The irregularities identified call for immediate rectification measures and robust systems to ensure transparency and accountability going forward.

Recommendations for Improvement

To address these issues, several steps must be taken:

  • Ensure comprehensive and transparent financial reporting for all fund activities.
  • Implement rigorous vetting processes to prevent ineligible loan issuances.
  • Strengthen the tracking system for all loan repayments.
  • Resolve the issue of duplicate identity numbers to avoid fraud.
  • Enhance administrative capacity to manage the fund more effectively.

Restoring Trust

Restoring public confidence in the Hustler Fund will require a concerted effort from all involved stakeholders. A transparent and accountable financial management system is essential to achieving the fund's goals of empowering small businesses and driving economic growth. The remedial actions taken in response to the Auditor General's findings will be crucial in determining the future success and credibility of the Hustler Fund.


The report by Auditor General Dr. Gathungu has thrown the Hustler Fund into the limelight for reasons it would prefer to avoid. The significant financial and administrative flaws identified call for urgent action. Ensuring that the fund operates with the highest standards of transparency and accountability is paramount. This is not only to rectify the current issues but also to secure its mission of fostering economic empowerment and development in the future.

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