Liverpool Eyeing Cody Gakpo: A Solution for Midfield Struggles?

Liverpool Eyeing Cody Gakpo: A Solution for Midfield Struggles?


Liverpool FC, a club with a rich history and a formidable reputation in both domestic and international football, is reportedly setting its sights on Cody Gakpo, a talented Dutch midfielder currently playing for PSV Eindhoven. This potential move comes at a time when Liverpool's midfield has been riddled with injuries and inconsistent performances, leading to speculation that manager Jürgen Klopp is keen on strengthening this crucial area of the squad.

Gakpo's Stellar Performance in the Eredivisie

Cody Gakpo has been a standout performer in the Eredivisie, showcasing his skills and adaptability. During the 2021-2022 season, he managed to score 13 goals and provide 17 assists, an impressive feat that has undoubtedly caught the attention of several top clubs across Europe. Gakpo's ability to influence the game both as a scorer and a creator makes him a versatile and valuable asset.

Klopp's Midfield Dilemma

Liverpool has had its fair share of challenges this season, especially in midfield. Injuries to key players have disrupted the team's rhythm, leading to a series of inconsistent performances. Klopp, known for his tactical acumen and ability to nurture young talent, sees Gakpo as a potential solution to these problems. The Dutchman's versatility means he can play in various midfield roles, providing Klopp with much-needed flexibility and depth.

Endorsement from Arne Slot

Endorsement from Arne Slot

Arne Slot, Gakpo's coach at PSV, has spoken highly of the player, praising his work ethic, technical abilities, and footballing intelligence. Such endorsements are not taken lightly in the world of football, and Slot's high regard for Gakpo might play a role in influencing Liverpool's decision. Slot's comments have added weight to the argument that Gakpo could seamlessly fit into Klopp's plans.

Versatility: Gakpo's Key Asset

One of the most attractive features of Cody Gakpo's game is his versatility. He has the ability to play across various positions in the midfield and even on the wings. This kind of flexibility is priceless for a team like Liverpool, which competes on multiple fronts and requires players who can adapt to different tactical setups and formations. Gakpo's skills could provide a significant boost to Liverpool's attacking and defensive play.

The Financial Aspect

Any potential transfer, especially involving a highly-rated talent like Gakpo, inevitably brings up financial considerations. While Liverpool has not shied away from making big signings under Klopp, the club also adheres to a prudent financial strategy. Gakpo's current valuation, based on his performances and potential, suggests that Liverpool would need to make a substantial investment. However, given the player's abilities and the club's need for midfield reinforcements, this could be a calculated and worthwhile expenditure.

Potential Impact on Liverpool's Midfield

Potential Impact on Liverpool's Midfield

If the transfer were to go through, Cody Gakpo's addition could transform Liverpool’s midfield dynamics significantly. His presence would not only fill the gaps left by injured players but also introduce new tactical possibilities. Gakpo's creativity and goal-scoring ability would likely complement Liverpool’s existing playmakers and attackers, potentially leading to a more cohesive and potent midfield unit.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the potential signing of Cody Gakpo could signal a strategic move by Liverpool to strengthen their squad for future campaigns. With key players aging and the relentless demands of modern football, integrating young, versatile talents like Gakpo can ensure sustained success. This move could also inspire confidence among supporters and demonstrate Liverpool's commitment to staying competitive at the highest levels.


While the transfer market is often a realm of speculation and unpredictability, the potential signing of Cody Gakpo by Liverpool FC appears to be based on solid reasoning and necessity. Gakpo's impressive performances in the Eredivisie, combined with his versatility and endorsement from his current coach, make him a promising candidate to address Liverpool's midfield woes. As fans and analysts alike await further developments, one thing is clear: Cody Gakpo could be the midfield reinforcement that Liverpool desperately needs.

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