News: Tubbies versus clincher tyres

Is there a difference between carbon tubbies and carbon clincher wheels and if so what should you be looking at?

The best answer and solution for those of you that are racing and have the privilege of a support vehicle following you in events would be to go the route of the tubbie option. Team Pro Touch riders make use of both options and we will always have tubbie and clincher spare wheels available in the support vehicle.
If you are an all round rider that races and trains without vehicle support I would definitely recommend the clincher option.

This is really the simplest way of advising you on the choices between the 2 options. You would also need to understand the difference between the tubbie and clincher options like the different rims that you would require and what tyre can be used with what rim.

Clincher wheels.

These are the most common, and are used with a separate tyre and inner tube. If you get a flat tire with a clincher, you can change out the inner tube and continue riding without too much fuss. Clinchers are a great all-around wheel, and are fine for the occasional racer and the rest of us weekend warriors.

Tubular wheels.

These are lighter and cheaper, but must be used with tubular tyres. Tubular tyres are different in that the tyre and inner tube are combined into one piece, and need to be glued onto the rim. Generally, tubular tyres are more expensive than clincher tyres and are (much) more difficult to change in the event of a flat. To change a tubular tyre, you’ll need to remove the damaged (glued-on) tyre first, then apply fresh glue, and with it, a new tubular tyre. The glue must then be allowed some time to cure. Basically, it’s not something you want to be doing in the middle of your ride. It might mean a taxi ride home or a long walk. Tubular wheels are more popular with racers because they’re cheaper and lighter. For the sake of convenience, however, even racers usually train on clinchers these days – reserving tubular use for race day.

Which should you choose?

85% of the wheels sold are clinchers. If you’re a racer, and are looking for the ultimate in performance, consider choosing a carbon tubular wheel set. Before you buy tubular, understand that they aren’t as user-friendly. If you’re in doubt, get clinchers.

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