Tristan Van Niekerk

Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
School Attended:

30 June 1997
19 years
Johannesburg, South Africa

Career Highlights

  •  2015 – KOM – Vets Tour
  • 2015 – Best Young Rider – Clover Tour
  • 2016 – KOM Stage 2 – Jock Tour

What has cycling taught you?

“It’s taught me that you can always challenge you limits and go that little bit extra in every race.”

Q & A

Rider profile

First bike
Raleigh MTB

First cycling club
Bionic Cycling Club

Childhood hero
Mark Cavendish

What do you love most about cycling?
The sense of freedom that I get when I ride my bike.

What keeps you going when you’re on the limit?
The reward that comes after you have pushed yourself to the limit.

What has cycling taught you? 
It’s taught me that you can always challenge you limits and go that little bit extra in every race.

What teams did you ride for before Team ProTouch? 
Europcar Academy

Favourite race
Clover Tour

Favourite ride
Recovery Ride

If you weren’t a rider, what would you be?
Mechanical Engineer, because I love working with my hands.

Interests away from cycling
Playing a bit of golf, even though I am not that good at it.

Favourite film
The Hangover

Favourite music
House, Electro, Party

Who makes you laugh the most in Team ProTouch?
Kevin, with his dry humour.

Best friend in the peloton
John Vlok, Lucienne Swart, and my teammates.

Favourite food
Any sort of Pasta.

Most famous person you’ve met
Chris Froome

Most embarrassing moment
Crashing on a base training ride down to East London.

Interesting fact
Make sure I make time to watch Super cycling every Tuesday night, as well as any other tour or race that is on TV.

Best advice
Don’t stop dreaming even if your dreams seem way out of reach, anything is possible.




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