Adriaan Davel

Date of Birth:
Birth Place:
School Attended:

7th August 1992
23 years
Pretoria, South Africa
Maritzburg College

What has cycling taught you?

“To push the boundaries of what my body can do and discipline.”

Q & A

Rider profile

First bike
Game Special.

First cycling club
Mr Price Cycle Club

Childhood hero
Lance Armstrong

What do you love most about cycling?
Sound of the wheels in the peloton and getting lost in your own world while training long hours.

What keeps you going when you’re on the limit?
Saying to myself “just a little more” or getting into a rhythm.

What has cycling taught you? 
To push the boundaries of what my body can do and discipline.

What teams did you ride for before Team ProTouch? 
Four2One Sports USA and Bestmed ASG.

Favourite race
Athens Twilight USA Crits Speed Week.

Favourite ride
Ether a route I use to do in Gerona Italy or riding around Simons Town area in the Cape.

If you weren’t a rider, what would you be?
Yacht Deckhand

Interests away from cycling
Cars, Youtube, Coaching and My Business.

Favourite film

Favourite music
EDM or Rap

Who makes you laugh the most in Team ProTouch?
Kevin Patten or Neil Robinson.

Best friend in the peloton
Gustav Basson

Favourite food

Most famous person you’ve met
In Cycling George Hincapie, out of cycling, Sean Bombs (Puff Daddy)

Most embarrassing moment
Attacking George Hincapie in a fun ride in the Caribbean not knowing there is a big hill coming. Long story short, I had to get off and push up that hill cause I was so tired from attacking George and he took pictures and send it to the BMC team. Mind you this was when I was a Yachtie and not a cyclist.

Interesting fact
I use to work on private yachts and I own a clothing brand with two mates one being Brendon Davids from Kargo Pro MTB.

Best advice
If you don’t gain something or learn something then why are you doing it? Champions aren’t made from beer and pizza.

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